Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winter Cabin Camping

We love Grandma Thackeray's cabin, but only seem to make it there in the winter.  We spent Human Rights weekend in the snow.  The weather was great, (and since it's cold the outhouse doesn't even smell bad).  The snow was fun, (Jessica got snow shoes for Christmas and she was excited to use them).  The air was clean, (and the cabin even warmed up by the second day).  Jessica also made a new friend.  He was a really sweet dog that keep coming around and loved playing in the snow.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


We did have Christmas at our house, but lucky we had most of our fun early in the month.   Christmas was sandwiched between visits to doctors.  Ryan had sinus surgery on the 23rd.  While he went to his follow-up visit on Christmas Eve, Jessie and I went to Instacare for coughs and I had an itching problem, (folliculitis).  We all enjoyed a lot of sleep on Christmas.  I returned to the Instacare the day after New Years for a sinus infection.  It could have been worse, on our first visit to the Instacare a man came in complaining of severe heart burn- they took him away in an ambulance, he was having a heart attack.  We are all grateful for our usual gift of good health.