Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The last two years... part one

In the early part of 2011 we got a travel trailer.  It have bunk beds and a queen.  It could sleep 9, so we can take people with.  It is a large load for our small truck, but it does pretty well and we love it.

We have done a lot of camping.  The first year we spent almost one month of nights in our trailer. 
We learned that I should not do the measuring for projects or purchases.  It would fit in the parking spot by the house, but the opening to the parking spot is not big enough.  So we have to pay to park it.  Maybe some day we will combine our driveway with our neighbors and then we will be able to park it by our house.

Where did we go?

1 night at a Lakeside Campground in Provo, to break it in.  It is a good thing we did this night.  We did not know how to open the by-pass valve for the hot water heater.  We learned a lot and the next trip was all the better for it.

2 nights at the KOA in Cannonville to visit Bryce Canyon.

Then in May we went to Crystal Hot Springs for 2 night.  That place was rustic but nice.  Although it was kind of cool and it rained a lot, we were cozy and had fun.  It was especially nice that my mom and dad brought their trailer also and so we camped with them.

June took us to Capitol Reef.  We stayed at the Thousand Lakes RV Park.  We broke it in with Jessica getting sick all over the bath room one night, but I still think it was easier to deal with than it would have been in a tent.  We also took our friend Paul.
The Valley at Sunset
These pictures were not too bad, considering I forgot my camera and used my Blackberry.

We also took a day to go to Goblin Valley.  Cool place.

July found us on our way to Yellowstone National Park.  We went by way of Craters of the Moon National Monument and Arco ID.  We stayed at the Mountain View RV Park one night.  In Yellowstone we stayed at the Bridge Bay campground- No hook-up but we loved the upper-loops above the amphitheater.  We stayed on night at Flagg Ranch and then a couple of night at Colter Bay RV park in Grand Teton.

Arco is known for farming, and also the World First Nuclear Reactor.  The kids played with the mock control panel and of course Marshall climbed on it.

We did not enter this way, but we did drive to this entrance one day and see the famous arch.
We saw a lot of bison and elk and a few bears.  This petrified tree is kind of cool and takes a little looking to find it.

We did the chuck wagon dinner ride up in the Roosevelt area.  It was really cool, although rainy.

Old Faithful
We came home through the Tetons.  And stayed our last 2 nights at Lava Hot Springs, River's Edge RV.

For fall break we wen to Zion National Park.  It was a perfect time to visit. We stayed at the Zion River Resort.

Jessica used this for her reflections contest at school- Diversity
We have a great Christmas in 2011.  Including visits with Santa and a visit to the elves at Gardner Village.

 In February of 2012 Jessica participated in her first ice skating competition - The Utah Winter Games
She took first place and earned a gold medal.

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